What Are The Lifelong Benefits of Signing Kids for Sports?

Spring is just around the corner and signups for spring sports are already starting to get passed around. It’s recommended that you let your kids do some sort of sport when they hit kindergarten age. This is when they are more developmentally ready to join a team and follow instructions. If you have a youngster that you’re on the fence about putting in sports here are a few great reasons to sign them up.


Your child is full of wiggles that they need to get out. One great way to get them moving is to allow them to chase a ball around a field with a bunch of other kids laughing or yelling. Even if they don’t understand the game or why they’re running back and forth they’ll enjoy getting outside and moving. Who cares if they accidentally score the wrong goal? At least they’re having fun.

Social Skills

A kid that is at home with their mom or dad all day doesn’t have a lot of chances for social interaction. The way they interact with their mom is not the same as with other children. Playing sports will give your kid a chance to learn how to talk with other people his own age and learn how they react to different things.

What Are The Lifelong Benefits of Signing Kids for Sports?


Any sport is wonderful for your child, but team sports are especially beneficial for their development and growth. In a team sport, your kid will need to communicate with their teammates as they pass the ball along the field or court. They will need to pay attention to what other people are doing and learn to read body language so they can be an effective team player. Of course, these skills will take time to develop, but kids spring sports are a great place to start.

How to Lose

One thing that many children struggle with is losing. They are so used to being number one for their parents that it is difficult to understand that they don’t always win. Playing in a team sports gives them the opportunity to learn how to lose in a group setting so it isn’t as personal a loss and they have their teammates to lean on.

How to Win

Children need to be taught how to win graciously. Learning how to win and still be positive and kind to the losing team is an important skill to learn. People who can win and still be kind and good are the type of people that others want to be around, but it is a learned skill and not something everyone is born with.

Just remember to help your kid stay safe, and if you need more information about sports medicine, speak with your doctor. The important thing is that they have fun while learning at the same time. There are so many sports options for your kids. They could do soccer, basketball, dance, karate, t-ball, you name it. They don’t have to be the best on the team for it to be a meaningful experience. Even if they are just there to pick dandelions in the outfield they are still learning valuable life lessons with their team.

What Are The Lifelong Benefits of Signing Kids for Sports?

Have your signed your kids up for spring sports yet? Did you know that sports teach kids lifelong skills?

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