5 Things You Can Do to Help Your Teething Baby

There is nothing harder and sadder for both parent and baby than the teething stage, so here are a couple of things to help ease some of the pain.

Teething pain doesn’t last forever but as parents we want our babies to be comfortable. Keep reading to see how your can help your teething baby now.

Disclosure: We aren’t health care providers and shared these tips based on our experiences. Keep in mind that all babies are different and what might work for one may not with others.

Babies are the cutest, with their big eyes, soft skin, and little fingers and toes. What’s not cute, however, is a screaming baby that seems inconsolable and is waking up two, three, or more times a night.

But that is just the reality that comes with most babies as they grow, especially when going through the teething phase.

It can seem like overnight your cute, cuddly, sweet baby can turn into something you don’t recognize because they are all of a sudden super fussy and just don’t know what they want.

No parent likes to see their baby in pain, so here are five things you can do to help your teething baby and get through popping out those teeth with fewer tears from both sides.

5 Things You Can Do to Help Your Teething Baby

Give Them Something Cold

You can give them a cold spoon, some frozen fruit (best to use a mesh teether to avoid choking), a cold, wet washcloth, frozen waffles if they are old enough, or even put their pacifier in the freezer for a few minutes. They will enjoy the cold treat and you will enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet.

Stick to Healthy Foods

You may not think that their diet can help in any way when it comes to teething but it actually can.

There are certain foods that you can feed your baby to help with their inflamed gums, both to soothe them and also keep the inflammation down.

Make sure to give them plenty of veggies and fruits, healthy carbs, and healthy fats can help with this, as well as cutting down on processed foods and sugars.

Also feeding them these types of foods will help to keep their blood sugars up, which can also help for both their mood and teething.

Try a Natural Remedy

5 Things You Can Do to Help Your Teething Baby

There are plenty of natural remedies out there that have been known to help a teething baby, and they are usually super easy to find at any store and are healthy for your baby.

Some natural teething remedies include chamomile, rosehip, and clove. You can use these to make a tea that you can give to your baby in a bottle, or use to dip a washcloth in that you can then put in the fridge and rub on your baby’s gums.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these remedies you can ask your doctor or dentist who can help with your family dental needs.

Give Them Toys

Nowadays it’s super easy to find some great and entertaining teething toys for your baby.

Pick up a couple of toys specially made for teething so that your baby has plenty of options, and there are many that you can put in the fridge and keep cool as well so it will be extra helpful when they feel the need to chew on them.

Make sure to do your research to make sure the toys you pick out are made of good materials for babies to make sure to keep them safe.

Have Some Snuggle Time

When a baby is pushing out some painful teeth one of the biggest things they really need is time and attention from you, their parent.

Take some time to cuddle them and reassure them while they aren’t feeling so good. This will help both you and them to feel a lot better.

Dealing with a teething baby can be frustrating because they can go from happy to inconsolable in a matter of a few minutes. Those first teeth generally sprout around 4 to 6 months. When my babies were teething, I could usually see their teeth just below the gums and they started drooling more.

5 Things You Can Do to Help Your Teething Baby

How did you help your teething baby get past the teething moments?

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