Is It Necessary to do a Bathroom Remodel for Mobility Issues?

When to Consider Remodeling Bathroom for Elderly and Disabled

Is it necessary to do a bathroom remodel for mobility issues? Homes are often built with young and healthy adults in mind. Builders often fail to keep in mind that one day these young and healthy adults will eventually have mobility issues. Elderly adults often downsize too and the number of homes on the market … Read more

5 Things to Recycle and Reuse in 2020

Recycle or Reuse Egg Cartons

Do you recycle and reuse products? It’s no secret that there is more and more waste building up throughout the world. Movements have been made to encourage people to stop using plastic straws and grocery sacks, but movements only last for so long. However, these movements did cause many corporations to begin finding eco-friendly solutions … Read more

Prevent Dog Dental Disease + DIY Blueberry Mint Dog Treats

Healthy DIY Dog Treats for Hot Day

Did you know your dog’s teeth can say a lot about their overall health? Prevention is the best way to prevent dog dental disease. Just like us, your dog’s teeth need attention daily. Keeping their teeth and gums healthy not only to keep their breath smelling fresh but you don’t want your furbaby to suffer … Read more

10 Simple, Yet Elegant Christmas Decorations

Decorative Words on the Stair Banister Christmas Decorations

Christmas is here! The temperature is dropping, the snow is falling, and the presents are being bought. The Christmas season is a wonderful time of laughter, joy, happiness, and immaculately decorated homes. 10 Simple, Yet Elegant Christmas Decorations These are 10 Christmas decorations you can use to bring simple elegance to your home this holiday. … Read more