Top 5 Christmas Hidden Dangers To Avoid This Year

CHristmas Hidden Dangers Around the Home

After Thanksgiving, many families climb up the attic stairwell and find the Christmas decorations that were carefully packed away from the previous year. As you are coming down the attic stairs, the last thing that you are thinking about is slipping and falling down the attic stairs. The holidays are filled with family gatherings and … Read more

How to Add Farmhouse Chic Design Elements to Your Home

How to Add Farmhouse Chic Design to Your Home (1)

Farmhouse chic design elements, clean sight lines, and open concept living are trending when it comes to rehabbing an old housing and new construction. The farmhouse chic design is a regular feature in homes that Chip and Joanna Gaines have designed on the popular television show, “Fixer Upper”,  and with their show ending now is the … Read more