Free Printable Sea Creature Activity Sheets

Print off our printable sea creature activity sheets and let your child complete them, especially if they love sea creatures. Which one does your child love the most a whale, crab, turtle, fish, or another sea creature? My son loves to go to the beach and spot his favorite sea creatures. If you don’t live near the beach, teaching your child about the animals that can be found in the ocean can be challenging. Kids typically are visual learners and our free printable sea creature activity pack is the perfect solution.

Free Printables Sea Creatures Activity Sheets

Free Printable Sea Creature Activity Sheets

These free printable can be printed in black and white or in full color. The free sea creature activity packet contains 5 different activity sheets for your child.

Crossword puzzle – This worksheet is perfect for learning how to spell each one of the sea creatures’ name.

Sea Creature Scavenger Hunt – Have your child count and find out how many of each sea creature they can find. It is a great way to work on learning how to count.

Matching Sea Creatures – This activity is great for teaching pre-reading skills or name recognition. Have your child match the picture of each sea creature to its correct name.

Word Search – While this activity is more advanced, it is still a great way for your child to be able to spot the word that they are looking for in the word puzzle.

Swimming Home: Help the sea turtle swim through the maze until he finds his way home.

We hope your child will enjoy learning about the different sea creatures with our free printable Sea Creature Activity Pack.

Download the Free Printable Sea Creature Activity Pack Here!

Free Printables Sea Creatures Activity Sheets

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