Easter Family Traditions to Start this Year

What Easter traditions are you starting this year? Are you scrambling to find items to put in your child’s Easter basket? There are always so many pre-made Easter baskets that you can buy already made up by theme. However, these are usually filled with junk toys or items that your child won’t play with. The average family spends $150 dollars to just fill their children’s Easter baskets and that doesn’t include the cost of Easter brunch or dinner. I’m very frugal but even spending a little bit of money on Easter baskets makes no sense to me.

Easter Family Traditions Without Easter Baskets

Even though I don’t get my son an Easter basket, I still pick him out a gift, usually, it’s something he has recently told me that he wanted, and some Easter candy. But as a Christian mom, I do focus on the real reason why we celebrate Easter.

Easter Family Traditions to Start this Year

I am not opposed to creating Easter traditions without buying Easter baskets full of junk.

Take Your Child to an Easter Eggstravaganza or Easter Egg Hunt

Easter isn’t just about decorating Easter eggs but most kids do enjoy going to hunt Easter eggs filled with candy or trinkets. With Covid 19 still a lingering issue, this event may still be postponed but this is also something that you can do as a family too.

Each year, there are countless churches and public Easter eggstravaganza going on. Search your local area to find an Easter Eggstravaganza or Easter egg hunt. If there aren’t any, you can stuff some plastic Easter eggs with candy, I don’t suggest putting chocolate in the eggs because it does melt, or trinkets like stickers, erasers, homemade Easter coupons, etc. Then hide the Easter eggs inside or outside, depending on the weather. Your child/children will be thrilled to hunt Easter eggs and create a new Easter tradition.

Frugal Easter Family Traditions

Host a Family Easter Egg Decorating Contest

Dying Easter eggs has been an Easter tradition for many years. It is something that I can remember doing when I was growing up. This year you can include the entire family in this fun Easter Egg decorating contest. Pick a judge and then give everyone else a hard-boiled egg to decorate. You can create different categories such as the funniest egg, most original egg, scariest egg, or celebrity egg. The more categories that are chosen, the more fun you will have decorating and judging. Or you can simply pick the best decorated Easter egg if there aren’t enough people to create Easter eggs in each category or you don’t have a judge.

Leave Easter Bunny Footprints

The quickest way to leave bunny footprints on the ground is to create a stencil instead of trying to hand draw them. Grab an old shoebox, an empty cardboard box, or even an empty cereal box. Then draw and cut out a big bunny paw print to use as a stencil. Then on “Easter Eve” after the kids go to bed, use the stencil to make paw prints throughout your house by sprinkling baking soda or flour on the stencil. Then gently lift the stencil and dump the excess baking soda or flour into the trash. Simply turn the stencil over to make left and right footprints. Don’t worry the bunny paw prints can be swept up with a vacuum cleaner.

Cheap Easter Family Traditions to Start this Year

Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

Follow the Ribbon

This is a simple Easter tradition that you can start when your kids are little. For this project, you will need to buy some narrow inexpensive ribbon from the craft store. Choose a different color for each member of the family. You will need a minimum of 15 to 25 yards per person. Then tie a ribbon around the hidden Easter baskets and wind each person’s ribbon in and out of the furniture and through each other’s ribbons. You can start the ribbon maze at the end of the hallway or somewhere so that the kids can’t see the hidden Easter baskets. Once everyone is awake, everyone in the family can begin the entangled maze to find their hidden Easter basket. Before you know it, everyone will be tangled up in ribbon and laughing with excitement.

Write a Personalized Letter From the Easter Bunny

Does your child get excited when they get mail in the mailbox? Why not purchase this editable Easter Bunny Letter from Etsy (aff link) and print it out while your child is asleep. Then put it in an envelope addressed to your child and place in the mailbox or pile of mail. Your child will love getting a personalized letter from the Easter Bunny.

Inexpensive Easter Family Traditions

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

The Big People Egg Hunt

On Easter Sunday, gather all the adults and hand them an egg or more than one to hide on their body. Here are some examples of where to hide eggs on your body, check Grandma’s apron pocket, Uncle Bob’s boots, behind Dad’s glasses, or under Grandpa’s hat. This Easter egg hunt isn’t just for the little one but it involves everyone. Plus it is a fun way to connect the different generations this Easter. Enjoy watching the kids search for the hidden eggs. Keep in mind no one and no place is considered out of bounds when it comes to searching for those hidden Easter eggs. You’ll definitely want your video camera ready for this Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter traditions don’t have to include expensive Easter baskets or costly gifts that bust your budget. Why not start making new Easter traditions this year that don’t cost a ton of money and will result in memories that will last a lifetime.

I hope you have fun creating new Easter traditions this year!

Easter Family Traditions to Start this Year

Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

Which of these Easter Family Traditions to start this year would your kids enjoy the most?

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  1. I am making an Easter egg hunt in the backyard this year because of Covid. These are some great traditions and I will incorporate a few next year.

  2. When our kids were young, we always had an egg hunt in our backyard with plastic eggs. We put clues in some of the eggs and the kids would work together to solve a puzzle. It was a lot of fun.

  3. Oh wow! These are all soooo fun and exciting! I certainly love the idea of Easter Egg Decorating Contest.

  4. Such a fun list. We always had fun celebrating Easter with my in-laws until COVID happened. But we’re going to make the most of our quarantine-style Easter.

  5. I love the idea of Family Egg Decoration Contest. I think kids will have a lot of fun and we, adults will try to relax a little bit!


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