Free Unicorn Activity Sheets

Unicorns are a fun and mystical creature that has been a fascination for centuries. But there is something about the unicorn that piques a child’s interest. Maybe it is because Agnes finds the fluffy unicorn at the fair in the Despicable Me movie or they saw a fun stuffed animal with bright colors.

Free Printable Unicorn Activity Sheets

Does your child love unicorns? Whip up a batch of Unicorn Cookies and print out these free Unicorn printables for your kids. This package contains 6 pages of fun activities.

Follow The Directions Through the Maze: Your child will have to follow the directions in order to get the Unicorn to reunite with its friend. This is a great activity to help your child learn how to read and follow directions.

Free Unicorn Maze Activity Sheets

Help the Unicorn Find Its Way Through the Maze: Have your child navigate through the entrance of the maze and make it to the exit. I love mazes. Mazes are a great activity to help your child work on their fine motor skills. Drawing straight lines as they make their way to the exit takes practice but this activity is an excellent tool to use to perfect their skills.

Free Unicorn Maze Activity Sheets

Help the Unicorn Get to the Apple: This is another maze activity where your child must navigate their way to the apple. While this maze doesn’t have squared-off pathways, it is still important that your child learn how to successfully draw a line down the middle of the path.

Free Unicorn Maze Activity Sheets

How Many Times Can You Find the Word UNICORN in this Puzzle?: Circle and count how many times you can find the word UNICORN in the puzzle.

Free Unicorn Word Search Activity Sheets

How Many Words Can You Make From the Phrase ‘Majestic Unicorn’? : Simply have your child find as many new words that they can find within the phase. For example, jet. How many did your child come up with?

Free Unicorn Word Scramble Activity Sheets

Solve the Sudoku Puzzles: The Unicorn Sudoku puzzles are a great way for kids to learn how to problem solve using their logic. Don’t be surprised if your 7 or 8-year-old can out solve you in a game of Sudoku.

Free Unicorn Sudoku Puzzles Activity Sheets

Print These Free Unicorn Activity Sheets!

These free Unicorn activity sheets can be printed in black and white or in color, depending on your child’s preference. We hope that your child enjoys these printables.

Free Unicorn Activity Sheets

Do you think your child would enjoy these free Unicorn Activity Sheets?

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  1. Even though my girl is too old for these, technically, she would be ALL over them. HECK, I would be all over them too! Super cute!

  2. wow! These activities are so cool. I love that I can bring them on trips to keep my kid busy! He loves unicorns!


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