Learn Why I Am Saying No to Buying Easter Baskets

As Easter approaches, a majority of parents are rushing around trying to figure out what to put into their child’s Easter basket. I just don’t buy into the over-commercialization of Easter. Easter is more than baskets, bunnies, eggs, ducks, jelly beans, and candy.

I hope that I am not shunned as a Christian mom for not allowing my kids to have Easter Baskets even though we still celebrate Christmas. Don’t worry our family teaches our children about the real reason for the season and why we celebrate the holiday.
Even Christmas is over commercialized and teaches kids the wrong message that they should get gifts under the tree if they behave. Over the years, I have realized that this mentality just feeds on the generation of “give me everything that I want”. Sorry teenagers, but one day you will discover the mentality that I am talking about.
Anyhow, back to the reasons why I don’t buy Easter baskets for my children.


Growing up my parents always filled our baskets with fake grass, chocolate eggs, and an Easter Bunny. Today, parents are expected to fill their child’s basket with expensive goodies and a bunch of junk that they don’t need. The average family spent $150 dollars to fill their children’s Easter bunny.

Junk Food

Easter baskets typically end up being mostly candy or other junk food that they don’t need. While I am not opposed to them eating junk occasionally but they don’t need 15 pounds of candy. Candy is filled with empty calories and it isn’t healthy for them. I do give them a small amount of candy but I don’t put it in a basket or have the Easter Bunny to bring it.

We Don’t Have Room for the Junk

I could fill an Easter basket inexpensively if I hit up the dollar store or Target’s dollar spot. However, it would end up being junk that ends up at the bottom of the closet or it will end up as endless clutter around the house.

Stuffed Animals = Breeding Ground for Dust Mites

As an allergy suffer, I realized that my kids had way too many stuffed animals. It didn’t dawn on me that having a ton of stuffed animals in the house or near my kids, was causing major health problems such as asthma and allergies. I ended up finding out after several doctor visits and breathing treatments that stuffed animals in their bedroom was a breeding ground for dust mites.
We were told to limit their collection to one or two of their favorite stuffed animals and get rid of the rest. So opt to skip purchasing those cute stuffed Easter bunnies. Don’t even get me started on the huge stuffed animals that have been making their appearance over the last year or two.
Do you buy your kids an Easter basket every year

We Want to Teach our Kids That Every Holiday Doesn’t Equate to Gifts

It seems like every time we turn around throughout the year there is another holiday or celebration to attend. We want to teach our kids that each holiday wasn’t created for the opportunity to ask for things they want. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t mind giving kids gifts we just don’t want them to expect it just because there is a holiday, like Easter. We want to teach them the real meaning of celebrating each holiday.

Do Plan a Family Celebration

Each year we always plan a family celebration with our kids. We always go to church as a family and then have lunch together at home. Family time is important and I much rather teach my kids that family time is a perfect way to celebrate.

Attend Easter Egg Hunts

We also allow our children the opportunity when they are younger to attend an Easter egg hunt. In the past, our church has always hosted an Easter egg hunt for the kids and we have let them participate until they were too old. I don’t want to ruin all of their fun so I let them participate in certain activities such as the Easter egg hunt.

Don’t Be Afraid to Skip the Easter Basket

Just because Easter has been over commercialized doesn’t mean that you need to give into the pressure. Your kids might be upset that the Easter Bunny didn’t come to see them this year but they aren’t going to die if it doesn’t happen. You still can get your child 1 chocolate Easter bunny or a bag of their favorite Easter candy and give it to them on Easter Sunday.
The Easter Bunny doesn’t bring out kids an Easter basket and I don’t feel one bit guilty about skipping it. Easter is an important holiday that doesn’t involve the need to continue an old tradition. This old tradition is creating children who find an excuse to ask for everything they want without learning how to work for it.
Learn Why I Am Saying _No_ to Buying Easter Baskets

Do you buy your kids an Easter basket every year?


Christy has three children. She has over 22 years of parenting experience, including parenting as a young mom, a single parent, and dealing with chronic illness/pain. When she isn't writing, you can find her coloring, playing Candy Crush, and listening to Taylor Swift.

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  1. Darn- my first comment didn't go through! I just wanted to say that I agree with you when you say you, "WANT TO TEACH OUR KIDS THAT EVERY HOLIDAY DOESN'T EQUATE TO GIFTS". I am Muslim, so we don't celebrate the same things but I totally agree with you. I don't like that holidays get wrapped up in stress and gift giving rather than the true spirit of things. Glad you skipped the basket, you go momma!

  2. It's okay to celebrate it but that doesn't mean you have to buy them gifts all the time. I think you're making the right decision, you know what's best for your kids after all. Love this kind of honesty!

  3. Wow, i can't believe people are spending $150 on Easter baskets! I definitely did not spend that much. I believe less is more. I have always included a few pieces of chocolate and maybe a small toy.

  4. I do not blame you. The junk alone is too much for children – never mind all the other things you talk about.

  5. I'm starting to think I should adopt this policy too… Though we had a lot of fun with Easter Baskets, ultimately it ends up being stuff they don't use long term and that's a waste.

  6. Easter is a fertility holiday co-opted by the Christians to bring more people into their religion during Roman times. We are free thinkers and share the holiday with our children and what it represents because fertility is what makes our species continue on. We have an egg hunt around our yard for all 4 kids but we don't do big or expensive gifts.

  7. I agree Easter baskets have gotten way over the top! While I was picking up some small items for my kids basket at the dollar store, another mother told me she still had to pickup all new spring clothes to give at Easter. I only got stickers, sidewalk chalk, and a chocolate bunny.

  8. When my daughter was little we enjoyed spending the day playing games in the yard and usually only gave reusable toys for Easter. Candy just does not last long and everyone does it differently. I like your ideas.

  9. I was thinking the same thing this year when I was buying the kiddos their Easter baskets and things. That it is just nasty candy that I don't want my kiddos to eat and your right, more junk that just piles up in the house.

  10. You touched on all of the reasons I didn't give gift baskets for so long (and why for Christmas, we only give 3 gifts). The last 2 years, I decided to go with a theme and choose things for them that they like. They really love it and I love that it's not all candy. I include books, movies, etc.

  11. Gosh I get you! We are doing very small minimal baskets, that have books about stories from the bible in them, one chocolate bunny and a stuffed animal. That is it. I feel this day is too commercialized and it kind of makes me sick from a Christian stand point because the meaning is totally missed.

  12. I do not blame you one bit. Easter baskets have gotten totally out of hand.

  13. I'm shocked by the $150 average to fill an Easter basket. This year our daughter told us she hopes the Easter Bunny delivers a Harry Potter basket. Oy. The Easter Bunny is not Santa but apparently that's the message sent by marketing today. We will be gifting baskets but definitely not spending $150 per kid!

  14. Our son is too old for an Easter basket now, but before, we didn't give him candies…only a chocolate bunny and some toys.

  15. I couldn't agree with you more! We don't buy easter baskets at the store, instead I make mine. Thanks for sharing!

  16. When my son was younger, we never spent that much on baskets – that's crazy! I'm very much a subscriber to the "everyone do their own thing" style of parenting, so you keep on truckin'! Don't let anyone make you feel you're doing something wrong.

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