7 Great Family Fall Activities

Family Fall Activities

Are you ready for fall and all of the great family fall activities? Fall is a beautiful time of year. You have endured the heat of summer, and now you get a few months of beautiful weather before winter arrives. Fall is not just a season, it’s a theme. People look forward to Fall because … Read more

4 Reasons to Visit a Podiatrist

Reasons to Visit a Podiatrist

When should you visit a podiatrist? Foot care is often an overlooked aspect of our overall wellness. Many people don’t consider foot aches and pains as a big enough reason to visit a specialist. However, there are many types of injuries and illnesses that can be associated with foot pain, and it should be taken … Read more

How to Take Care of Your Horse

How to Take Care of Your Horse

Horses make a great family pet, and riding a horse can be a thorough workout. Horses are large animals that require a lot of attention, so it’s important to know how to properly care for your horse. Food Horses eat a lot of food every day. A 1,000-lbs horse will eat around 15-20 lbs of … Read more

How to Overcome Back to School Anxiety

First Day of School Anxiety

Kids are slowly heading back to school and it isn’t uncommon for your child to experience some back to school anxiety. Anxiety can be frightening for children but they don’t always understand the signals that their body is trying to tell them. For a child experiencing back to school anxiety, you may notice that your … Read more

How to Have a Stress-Free Halloween

Red Baron Pizza for Halloween Dinner

This post is sponsored by Red Baron but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. The kids head back to school this week and soon the shelves will transition from school supplies to Halloween decor, costumes, and candy. Back to school means that fall is around the corner and Halloween will be here … Read more

9 Decorations for the Family Room

Decorate the Family Room with Decorations

The family room is a place where everyone can get together and talk and play games. It’s a room that deserves some decoration because you’ll probably spend a lot of time there. Vinyl Vinyl is a great way to decorate. You could put up a favorite quote, a decorative script of your last name, or … Read more

4 Ways to Deal with Back Pain

Deal with Back Pain

Back pain is never fun. Whether it’s chronic pain or simply the occasional sore back, it is not an enjoyable experience. Any type can affect your home and work life. It’s important to correct back pain when you experience it. Good Posture Good posture can help prevent and relieve pain in your back. Keeping your … Read more