How to Fold Your Own Paper Marshall Cubee Craft

How to Fold Your Own Paper Marshall from Paw Patrol

Have you ever made your own paper Marshall Cubee? Since the time changed a few weeks ago, my son is no longer getting to play outside as much. After it gets dark outside, it is time to come inside and find other activities to do. Screen time is my son’s favorite activity but I know … Read more

How to Make a DIY Paw Patrol Rescue Vest

Paw Patrol DIY Rescue Vest

Have you ever made a DIY Paw Patrol Rescue Vest? Now that it gets dark earlier in the evening time, kids are being forced to play indoors. Playing inside has its drawbacks and many kids end up finding screen time activities to fill their time. While there isn’t anything wrong with screen time, it is … Read more

Skye Halloween Costume + Paw Patrol PUP-tastic! 8 DVD Collection

Paw Patrol PUP-tastic 8 DVD Collection

Calling all Paw Patrol fans. Skye (Bella) is happy to present you with the biggest Paw Patrol Collection coming to DVD: PAW Patrol: PUP-tastic! 8-DVD Collection Limited Edition Marshall’s Fire Truck gift set! The 8-DVD collection contains 12 hours of heroic rescues and just in time for the gift-giving season. This paw-some gift set will be sought out for the … Read more

Paw Patrol: Skye Flight Goggles and Badge Craft

Paw Patrol Skye Flight Goggles and Badge Craft

Skye wants your help making her Skye Flight Goggles and Badge. She is excited that Jet to the Rescue DVD will be released along with some cool presale merchandise. She also created this fun craft for art time too! We hope that you enjoy Skye Flight Goggles and Badge Craft. How to Make Skye Flight … Read more