Teaching Kids Sight Words

Teaching kids sight words is an important part of learning to read. Sight words are high-frequency words that are used frequently in written text, and they cannot always be sounded out phonetically. Instead, they must be recognized instantly by sight.

Here are some tips for teaching kids sight words:

how to teach sight words to kids

Start with Basic Sight Words

Begin with basic sight words like “the,” “and,” “a,” “to,” “in,” and “is.” These words are the most commonly used in written text and are the building blocks of sentences.

Introduce Words in Context

Instead of presenting sight words in isolation, teach them within the context of simple sentences or short texts. This helps children understand the meaning and usage of the words. For example, you can use sentences like “I see a cat” or “The dog is big” to introduce and reinforce sight words.

Use Flashcards

Make flashcards with the sight words on them and go through them with your child. You can also make games out of them, such as matching games or memory games.

Read Books with Sight Words

Read books with your child that contain sight words. This will help them see the words in context and reinforce their learning.

teaching sight words to kids

Read Aloud Together

Read books that contain sight words together with your child. Point out the sight words as you come across them in the text, and encourage your child to read them aloud. This practice helps reinforce sight word recognition in a meaningful context.

Incorporate Multisensory Activities

Engage children in hands-on activities that involve multiple senses to reinforce sight word learning. For example, you can have them create sight words using playdough or use tactile materials like sand or rice to trace the words.

Play Sight Word Games

Make learning fun by incorporating games and activities. You can play “I Spy” using sight words or create a scavenger hunt where children have to find and read sight words hidden around the room. Online resources and educational apps also offer interactive sight word games.


Practice the same words over and over again until your child can recognize them instantly.

Use Multisensory Techniques

Use multisensory techniques to help your child learn the sight words. For example, you can write the words in sand or use magnetic letters to spell out the words.

Use Technology

There are various educational apps, online games, and interactive websites that can make learning sight words enjoyable for kids. These resources often provide engaging activities that reinforce sight word recognition skills.

Make it Fun

Make learning sight words fun by incorporating games and activities into your teaching. For example, you can have your child spell out the sight words with sidewalk chalk or make up silly stories using the words.

Celebrate Progress

Praise and reward children for their efforts and achievements in learning sight words. Celebrate their progress and provide positive reinforcement to motivate them.

Remember, every child learns at their own pace, so be patient and provide positive reinforcement throughout the process. By incorporating these strategies into your teaching routine, you can help children develop strong sight word recognition skills, which will greatly support their reading abilities.

Teaching Kids Sight Words

Do you have any other tips for teaching kids sight words?

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  1. So important to get them off to a good start on the reading journey! This takes me back to teaching my own children and supporting them when they started school. Such great together-time too. Now looking forward to doing this with the grand children!

  2. Thank you for sharing these valuable tips on teaching sight words to kids! Your practical suggestions, such as using flashcards, reading books together, and incorporating multisensory activities, make learning engaging and effective. I appreciate your emphasis on patience and positive reinforcement. Well done!

  3. These are all really great suggestions and tips! I’m surely gonna take note of this and also share this with my friends who had kids

  4. This is brilliant! Kids learn differently but sight words would be something that’s easy for them to learn and understand.


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