The Best Baby Accessories for a New Mom

Are you currently expecting? Are you having trouble determining which of the best baby accessories to buy? I remember when I was expecting my daughter at the age of 19, the Internet wasn’t around until after she was born and even then there wasn’t a wealth of information about what accessories that you need for your new baby.

As a new mom, I just had to browse the baby aisle and try to determine what the best baby accessories were. I had to figure out what baby really needed and didn’t need blindly. Remember your baby doesn’t need a bunch of toys when they are little but they do need a few things to play with as they get older. 

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Here is a list of the best baby accessories that we recommend for expecting moms.


You will want to have enough pacifiers on hand for your new baby. Trust me! I purchased several different types of pacifiers until I found the best ones for my baby. Each one of my babies liked a different brand of pacifier too. Don’t be afraid to try several different brands, as you are picking out the best baby accessories, to put on your registry.

Are you planning on breastfeeding your baby? Breastfed babies still have the urge to satisfy their sucking reflex and having a pacifier on hand. It will come in handy when it seems like you are just comfort nursing.

Without a pacifier handy, your baby will likely resort to sucking their thumb. My daughter did and oh boy it was a tough habit to break. Most babies are already familiar with their thumb. Your baby probably sucked his/her thumb in the womb. Using a pacifier will help prevent them from using their thumb to satisfy their sucking reflex.

My oldest child ended up being a thumb sucker. I tried very hard to offer her a pacifier but I didn’t have very much luck. Remember that you can’t take away your child’s thumb but you can easily toss the pacifier in the trash. She was around 7 or 8 years old before she finally stopped sucking her thumb. I remember trying countless home remedies to get her to stop sucking her thumb but I was not successful.

Most experts do recommend waiting to introduce a pacifier to a newborn if you plan on breastfeeding. However, I introduced a pacifier to all of my 3 babies immediately after birth and I had no problems with breastfeeding.

Of course, some babies are finicky and do have problems with nipple confusion. Nipple confusion can be frustrating for both mother and baby when it comes to breastfeeding. If your baby has trouble, try placing your baby on your chest using the kangaroo method. Your baby will naturally root towards the breast.

Pacifier Clips

Remember when I told you that you wanted to have a bunch of pacifiers on hand. As your child gets older, he or she will love throwing them or they will get misplaced. I’ve found a few of my youngest son’s pacifiers at the bottom of the toy box when we moved.

Pacifier clips, are one of the best baby accessories that you will want to buy, once your baby figures out that if they throw their pacifier that someone will pick it up. Over time your child might even think that they are playing a game with you.  As a mom, you will discover that this will get old very quickly.

A Pacifier clip made a huge difference and helped keep my child’s pacifier from being tossed on the floor or getting lost. It will help keep your child’s pacifier off the dirty floor.

Do keep some pacifier wipes or baby wipes on hand in your diaper bag. Wipes make it easy to clean your child’s pacifier on the go. Or, in the event that your child is able to get his pacifier and pacifier clip off their clothes and toss it in the floor.

Burp Rags

Get plenty of burp rags, trust me you will need them. You can never have too many. When you only have a few burp rags, it never fails that is the day your baby will spit up the most and end up in the laundry pile. Burp rags come in handy for cleaning up spit up, protecting your shirt, or wiping baby drool off your baby’s chin.

They do come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and cute patterns. Always keep a burp rag handy every time you pick up my baby. I also kept one in the diaper bag in case we needed an extra burp rag while I was out and about. So don’t forget to add burp raps to your list of best baby accessories.


Bibs are great even for newborns. They are cute too. Bibs were traditionally used for older babies but now they can be worn as one of the best baby accessories and can help catch spit up. Teething babies tend to drool and using a bib can help keep your baby’s clothes dry.

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A bib is useful and can help keep your child’s clothes clean when it is time to introduce your baby to solid foods. Babies are very messy eaters and don’t be surprised if they end up wearing more than they eat. We recommend that you purchase 6 or more bibs before your child turns 6 months old. You will quickly discover that your child’s bib will need to be washed frequently. Do add plenty of bibs to your baby registry and it is also one of the best baby accessories, for older babies, to keep in your diaper bag.

Portable Diaper Changing Pad

This was probably one of my favorite and the best baby accessories that someone gave us. I kept in my diaper bag and it made changing diapers on the go so much easier. It even held a small package of baby wipes, several diapers, and rash cream, that could be tucked inside of the changing pad.

It made it super easy to grab the changing pad out of the diaper bag and leave the diaper bag. Plus, you can even use it to put down on those portable changing tables in the restroom.

Most of them look like they have been cleaned in a very long time. Having the portable diaper changing pad in the diaper bag, it allowed me to protect my baby from those icky germs. Plus, you could use it in the car or on the ground, if needed.


A thermometer is a must have when you have a baby. Even though, I personally liked using an old-fashioned thermometer with my babies, having a forehead thermometer comes in handy when they are sick or if your baby is sleeping. 

One of the reasons why I always kept an old-fashioned thermometer hand, most Drs want you to take a babies temperature rectally, especially newborns. You can even opt for a digital thermometer to use rectally, but do make sure that you label it so that you don’t accidentally use it.

We recommend adding both a forehead and digital thermometer to your baby registry. It is the most important baby accessory that you will need when your baby gets sick.

Teething Toys

Most babies typically start teething anywhere from 4 months of age. You will want to keep some teething toys handy for your baby to chew on. My favorite ones are the chew rings that you can put in the refrigerator. But once they have teeth, they aren’t always the best option. I liked them because they are great for soothing sore gums and they are soft enough for your baby to chew on. Never put them in the freezer. They can give your baby frostbite on their hands and can actually cause their gums to hurt more.

Now there are so many teething toys on the market for your baby. We recommend adding several different types of teething toys to your best baby accessories list. 

Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets were a lifesaver with my youngest son. They didn’t have them for my older two kids. These blankets are a bit pricey but they are totally worth it. It makes swaddling your newborn quick and easy. Plus, it helps them feel safe and secure.

Typically, newborns who feel safe and secure tend to sleep better. Remember they are used to living in cramped quarters and the swaddle blankets mimic their life in the womb.

If you have ever walked down the baby aisle or headed into your local Buybuybaby, it can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many choices when it comes to picking the best baby accessories. When I first became a mom, the Internet was still new,  I was unable to search for input from other moms. Now you can find an overwhelming selection of bloggers and parenting sites available to help you determine the best baby accessories for a new mom.


Did you have trouble determining what are the best baby accessories to buy for your newborn?

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