9 Fun Outdoor Water Games For Kids

Are you tired of your kid’s sitting in front of the television watching endless cartoons all day long? With it being over 95 degrees outside, vegging in front of the television seems like a great idea. We all know that too much television isn’t good for children. Do you wish that they could play outside more but dread sending them outside in the heat? Here are some fun outdoor water games for kids to keep them entertained this summer?

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Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your child if they are going to spend any time outside. You don’t want them to burn while they playing these fun outdoor water games for kids. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen every few hours.

9 Fun Outdoor Water Games For Kids

Here is a list of the best outdoor water games for kids:

Splash Pad

The splash pad was one of our favorite places to hang out last year. It was super easy to let the boys play together while I was able to catch up on some of my blogging duties. My youngest son loves playing in the water and with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees outside, it is a free way for the kids to cool off. Plus, if they get tired of playing in the water, they can play on the playground too while they dry off.

Wading Pool

I had a wading pool when I was growing up and I loved it. I would set it up in the evening and fill it up with water so that the water could warm up the next morning. Then I would spend hours playing in the pool. My son got a wading pool for his birthday and I have to bribe him to use it. He rather spend time indoors instead of getting outside to enjoy these fun outdoor water games for kids.

Set Up the Sprinkler

I also loved playing in the sprinkler as a child too. You can even make your own homemade DIY sprinkler using a two-liter empty soda bottle, an old pool noodle, or PVC pipe.

Host a Water Balloon Fight

Grab a few packages of water balloons from Dollar Tree or Walmart. Then use the water hose to fill up the water balloons. Most people store water balloons in an old ice chest or plastic bin filled with water. This will keep the water balloons from accidentally popping. Then let your kids have fun playing a variety of water balloon games.

Fun Water Games

Soaker Guns

A few years ago, we found some cheap soaker water guns for less than $5 bucks (I think they were around $2). Then fill up a huge plastic tub of water so that your kids can easily run and fill up their water guns. Let them run around trying to get each other wet. Not only do they get a bit of exercise but they can also cool off with these fun outdoor water games.

Easy Sponge Balls

Head to the dollar store and pick up several packages of sponges. Follow this tutorial on how to make your own easy sponge balls. Then fill up a bucket full of cold water and make sure that the sponges are fully saturated with water. Then let your kids have fun playing water games with them. You can use them for sponge toss, run around and try to squeeze the sponge on each other, or even play dodgeball with them.

Car Wash

My kids always loved washing the car because it meant that they could get wet too. Let your kids put on their swimsuit and help them gather the car wash supplies. Then let them wash the car. Hopefully, they actually wash the family car instead of running around chasing each other with the water hose.

Head to Your Favorite Watering Hole

Do you have a lake, river, or beach nearby? Grab some life jackets and head to your favorite watering hole. Some of the more popular lakes and beaches have lifeguards on duty, which can give you a little peace of mind. However, this doesn’t mean that you should let them play without an adult close by. You should always keep a close eye on them at all times. It only takes a few seconds for your child to potentially drown.

Hose Down the Trampoline

My friend had a trampoline and during the summertime, we always turned on the water sprinkler and placed it underneath the trampoline. Then we would have fun doing tricks on the trampoline while we cooled off with the water sprinkler. Just be careful if your kids are jumping on a wet trampoline.

If you are tired of your kids staring at the television or other screens all summer long, try these fun and cheap ways to get your kids outside with these fun outdoor water games for kids. Most of the water games that I listed above are cheap or even free mom, so don’t worry about busting your budget trying to keep the kids entertained this summer.

9 Fun Outdoor Water Games For Kids

Which of these fun outdoor water games for kids do you think your child would enjoy the most?

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  1. I bet my grandkids would love a nice long round of water balloon fights. And for those of you that like reusable products, they actually now make a silicon sphere that snap open on impact for the purpose of water balloon fights!


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