How to Make Rudolph Sugar Cookies

Are your kids ready for Christmas? My son is ready and he asked me to make these Rudolph Sugar Cookies for Santa this year. I got most of my shopping done before Thanksgiving and had my son’s gifts wrapped. My son came home from his dad’s house and he was excited to see his presents under the tree. He wanted to open them immediately but mama made him wait until Christmas eve to open his gifts.

Ingredients to Make Rudolph Sugar Cookies

Whether you have a last-minute Christmas party before the end of the year or you save this recipe for next year, I wanted to share with you these cute Rudolph Sugar Cookies. Pick up the following ingredients:

  • Sugar Cookies (Walmart Bakery Cookies Pictured)
  • Mini Pretzels
  • Candy Eyes (aff link)
  • Red Jelly Beans
  • Chocolate Frosting

How to Make Rudolph Sugar Cookies

  1. Frost each sugar cookie with chocolate frosting.
  1. Place two pretzels on the top corners of your sugar cookies to create antlers.
  1. Carefully place two candy eyes on.
  1. Add a red jelly bean below the eyes to create Rudolphs nose.
  1. Serve and enjoy!

These festive sugar cookies are also a great snack for your child’s classroom Christmas party. Have parents volunteer to bring enough supplies so that everyone can make their own Rudolph Sugar Cookie. I love that this recipe is easy enough that the kids can decorate them too!

Do you ever make festive treats for your kids?

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