Easter Family Traditions to Start this Year

Inexpensive Easter Family Traditions

What Easter traditions are you starting this year? Are you scrambling to find items to put in your child’s Easter basket? There are always so many pre-made Easter baskets that you can buy already made up by theme. However, these are usually filled with junk toys or items that your child won’t play with. The average … Read more

Easter Caramel Apple Slices – Bunny Tails

Apple Easter Bunny Tails

Easter is just around the corner and this year things may be a bit different since we are dealing with the Coronavirus quarantine. But just because you are confined to your house doesn’t mean you have to give up the family traditions or celebrations entirely. While having a huge family gathering is out, unless the … Read more

The Best Kid Approved Easter Bunny Peeps Desserts

Easy Easter Bunny Peeps Pops

Are you looking for some more fun, kid-friendly desserts? The Easter bunny butt desserts were a huge hit and with Easter, just around the corner, we think the Peeps are another cute dessert that your kids will enjoy. Peeps have always been a fun treat that has filled Easter baskets for many years. The fun, sugary … Read more

Learn Why I Am Saying No to Buying Easter Baskets

Learn Why I Am Saying _No_ to Buying Easter Baskets (1)

As Easter approaches, a majority of parents are rushing around trying to figure out what to put into their child’s Easter basket. I just don’t buy into the over-commercialization of Easter. Easter is more than baskets, bunnies, eggs, ducks, jelly beans, and candy.   I hope that I am not shunned as a Christian mom … Read more