Leprechaun Bait Recipe and Printable Leprechaun Trap


This St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate with your family by making some delicious snacks and building your own leprechaun trap. Leprechauns like all things green so make sure to have plenty of green foods and decor. This leprechaun bait recipe from Personal Creations is the perfect mix of salty and sweet treats! Follow the step-by-step directions … Read more

Easy Valentine’s Day Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Do you love chocolate covered strawberries? They are one of my favorite treats. It has been several years since I have indulged in this decadent treat. With Valentine’s day just a few weeks away, these chocolate covered strawberries are the perfect treat to make for your spouse or significant other. Tonight was my very first … Read more

10 Healthy Treats to Get You Through the Holidays

penguin olives

Holidays are so fun with family and friends gathering from near and far. There’s gift giving, movie watching, fun games, baby cuddles, and of course, the food! Half the fun is in the delicious foods that we center our gatherings around. But, there are often tons of sugary sweets that congregate for little fingers to … Read more